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Investments Department - Agiletics Investments and Fund Sweep Systems manage securities acquired for sale to your commercial, municipal, institutional, and correspondent customers with the greatest efficiency and accuracy.

The Agiletics Investments System supports automated investing and processing of unlimited types of short term securities including repos, commercial paper, master notes, fed funds, mortgage-backed securities, offshore eurodollars, money market savings accounts and many more.

Streamlined automated collateral management minimizes operating costs. Agiletics Investments Systemís securities collateral will automatically interface with securities inventories in your bankís securities portfolio. Securities that are available for resale to your customers can be automatically transferred to the Agiletics Investments system where they can be automatically assigned to meet your bankís customer requirements. Agiletics Investments System supports automated pricing and manual pricing entries.

Agiletics ensures maximum investing conditions with numerous options to match available securities in your bank with daily customer demand for those securities. Automated alternate investing into alternate investments insures that customersí operating capital does not go uninvested in the event that their preferred type of security is not available.

Numerous investing options support both sweep and on-line direct investing. Matched purchases and sales of securities are supported. Condition-based investing supports automated investing of your customersí money into specific types of investments based upon your bankís and customers criteria. A customer may even choose to invest money from a single DDA operating account into multiple investments based upon percentage and dollar criteria.

Most banks that have the Agiletics Investment System also use it to manage their fed funds operations including servicing correspondent banks on an agency basis.

Agileticsí Fund Sweep System performs complete sweep investing and automated shareholder accounting for unlimited funds. Thus your bank can enjoy the flexibility of having multiple fund company relationships that include both public and proprietary funds. All of your customersí information remains inside your bank and confidential. Complete automated daily pricing insures that fund portfolios are accurate. Multiple fund investing from a customerís DDA account provides increased investing flexibility.