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Information Services, Software Applications & Business Support

Designed to Serve all Objectives - Agiletics systems are designed to make improvements in all areas of software servicing - computer processing and personnel efficiency, functionality, and information. Transaction processing is extremely efficient and requires minimal computer resources. Reporting information for customer service, operations, accounting, and management is truly robust with dozens of sorting and parameter controls to tailor information. Functionality is comprehensive and easily implemented by non-programmers using parameter-controlled feature menus. Reliability is a hallmark of Agiletics’ Specialty Banking System.

Core Systems Unburdened with Specialty Functions - Specialty departments can make frequent changes in services without adversely impacting your core applications. Agiletics specialty modules are designed to accommodate change quickly and easily. All functions are parameter-controlled and isolated in menus relating to a particular purpose. Agiletics modules operate independently from core system processing. They use standardized modular interfaces to exchange data between systems.

Reliability - Talk to our customers, all of them if you wish. We are frequently told this, “Agiletics software and support is the best of all our vendors.” Programs are written to very strict standards that have evolved with our development team over thirty years. Agiletics employs reusable program modules throughout all of its systems to insure integrity and ease of use.

Support and Maintenance - Again we encourage all prospective clients to talk to our customers. Our goal is 100% satisfaction. And, we are disappointed if it is ever less. We don’t give out selective reference lists. Instead, we provide to all prospective clients all of our customers names unless they have expressly requested not to have us share this information.

Software maintenance includes technical and user support, installation assistance, free interfaces, and free new releases including conversion programs to upgrade to a new release.

Production Support is provided 24/7. Help requests are encouraged. The first page in each module’s documentation provides support contact information.

On-site consulting and training are provided with all systems.

Interfaces are provided at no charge with all Agiletics modules. Business requirements support is provided as a standard service. We will consult with you on how to use our systems to satisfy your business requirements. If our software will not accommodate a feature, we will endeavor to enhance the software in a modular manner to facilitate needed functionality.