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Customer Treasury/Cash Management Services

Treasury Management - Comprehensive parameter-controlled reports with dozens of sorting and totaling options provide control and performance measurement information over all aspects of your business including producer, organization, product, margin, and customer performance activities.

Account servicing, collateral management, investment and credit sweeping, are fully automated to maximize the efficiency of your operation.

Treasury Product Development - Product Managers may quickly develop new products with multi-application features that transcend departments without software development support. Product development cycles may be reduced from weeks or months down to less than a day. Agiletics CAMS modules enable you to integrate DDA liquidity management services, automated investing into repos, commercial paper, notes, off-shores, fed funds, money market savings, mortgage-backed, money market mutual funds, and credit funding of DDA from multiple sources. Standardized escrow servicing products are easily created for different industries and geographic locations. Agiletics products give you total control over pricing, fees, interest scheduling, statement scheduling, sweep management criteria, notices, and many more functions.

Treasury Operations - Labor costs and effort are minimized with automated new account opening and transaction servicing features. New accounts may be opened with only the entry of an account number and related product number. Historical accounting adjustments that once required hours or even days only take seconds with Agiletics automatic self-correcting adjustments. Agiletics CAMS modules can use customer data maintained in your other core banking applications to minimize data entry.

Sales - Being able to say, “Yes” when others can’t is a good feeling. Agiletics delivers this ability more than any other alternative solutions. You may have unlimited cash liquidity and investment management products for unlimited lines of businesses. Additionally, you may custom tailor services for your customers by overriding selectable product features or by creating a special product just for a customer. CAMS modules give you total control over servicing options including rates, balances, investments, integrated credit, fees, multiple sweeps into a variety of securities, sweep criteria such as target balances, floors, ceiling, minimum and maximum sweeps and investments, balance and percentage-determined investment sweeps. Additionally, interest and statement schedules and notification methods may be easily tailored for your customers with simple parameter controls.

Size doesn’t matter. A customer may have thousands of accounts and billions of dollars or be a small business. You may fashion services and pricing to meet all types of customers.

You may offer customer self-servicing escrow products to diverse businesses. Offer investment services, DDA liquidity management, credit sweeping, automated investments sweeps, billing services, or any combination.

Collateral Management - Automated collateral assignment and management maximizes efficient collateral utilization. Balance-determined collateral assignment options insure that your customers are invested in the best products for them and your bank. Automated pricing interfaces may be used as an alternative to on-line pricing entry.

Automated investing will no longer be a hit or miss operation. Agiletics systems can insure that your customers’ money gets invested even if the primary customer-preferred collateral is not available by assigning alternate types of collateral or alternate investments. Priority collateralization options insure that preferred customers are taken care of.

Comprehensive collateral customer notices include fax, email, web, and hard copy options to multiple addresses. Collateral management reports deliver complete collateral availability and assignment information.