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Corporate Banking Agiletics Systems are designed to support large, mid-size, and small business requirements with unlimited liquidity management and investment services. Agiletics Systems may be shared by multiple departments within a banking organization; but, they be managed independently to create unique products and reporting for each department. Combined inter-departmental customer services, such as credit services, deposit services, and investment services, provide strong and valuable customer relationships.

Agiletics Specialty Banking Systems also support diverse industries including municipal , manufacturing, wholesale, retailers, financial services, professional, transportation, agriculture, health care and unlimited other business lines.

Agiletics Automated Borrowing System can add value to a banks existing commercial lending, asset based lending, credit card, and brokerage systems by interfacing automated lending with DDA liquidity management services.

Numerous automated sweep and investment processing services may be provided on an integrated basis with other corporate applications including DDA, multiple lending systems, and account analysis.

Comprehensive Reporting supports performance measurement by dozens of criteria.

Corporate services in many banks have realized several hundred thousand dollars of improved income annually using Agiletics MaxAar Systems.