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Executive Management & Strategic Planning Agiletics Specialty Software provides tools to execute and control many corporate strategies and measure goal attainment of multiple banking departments.

Revenue Improvements from Increased Business, Fee and Margin Income

  • Increased Market Share – Leading-edge customer deposit liquidity management, automated investing, and credit sweep functionality and services attract new business. Products and services are facilitated by robust menus of features that may be combined in an infinite number of ways to attract new customers. Unlimited products may be designed to facilitate servicing multiple markets and different segments within markets.

    Next-Generation Examples: Next-Generation DDA liquidity management services are provided by Agiletics M.B.A. module. Customers may maximize the value of their operating capital with inter-account borrowing and lending of their own money with computed interest between profit centers. Money can even cross bank and customer business units. Automated investing of a customer’s consolidated surplus deposit balance into multiple and diverse securities provides investment diversification. Revenue-directed investments support both bank and customer objectives. Principal and interest from a consolidated investment may be reallocated automatically back to multiple deposit accounts that contributed to the consolidation account.
  • Increase Services from Your Customer Base – Customers using multiple banking services make stable bank-customer relationships. Agiletics’ Specialty Software inter-connects multiple customer services across departments and account servicing applications. This adds value to your customers and your bank. These unique and desired services merit increased fee income as well.

    How to Increase Services (Revenue) per Customer Example: Agiletics’ software provides liquidity management for all of a customer’s DDA accounts among multiple banks within a holding company. This is a strong incentive for a customer to use a single banking corporation to manage its operating capital. Agiletics M.B.A. system does this and maximizes a customer operating capital. Next, Agiletics can consolidate all surplus DDA balances from a customer’s unlimited accounts and invest the consolidated balance into multiple investments such as repos, paper, off shores, mortgage-backeds, fed funds, money market mutual funds, etc. Next, interconnect more services with Agiletics automated credit sweeping services using its Automated Borrowing System (A.B.S.). A customer may choose among multiple credit funding sources to provide automatic short-term DDA liquidity funding. A.B.S. will interface with commercial loan, asset-based lending, credit card, and brokerage systems. Next, add integrated fee invoicing from Agiletics MaxAar System. All of these modules integrate seamlessly.

Efficiency Ratio Improvements

  • Service Delivery – Agiletics systems minimize labor costs with automated new account opening and transaction servicing. New accounts may be opened simply with the entry of an account number and related product number. Accounting adjustments that may have once required hours or even days only take seconds with Agiletics automatic self-correcting adjustments.
  • Product Development – Product Managers may develop quickly new products with multi-application features that transcend departments without involving software development support. Product development cycles may be reduced from weeks or months to less than a day.
  • Employee Efficiency – Productivity per employee increases with Agiletics' System and improves a bank’s efficiency ratios. Menu controlled product development, inter-application data sharing and validation, corrections, account openings, electronic customer notifications, and automatic collateral management all improve efficiency.
  • Information Services Efficiency – New business solutions delivery and software management is one of the most expensive items in data processing. Remodeling core application software systems to accommodate new services is often slower than a major house remodeling project – with as many pitfalls. Agiletics specialty modules overcome this problem with its associated costs and extensive time delays in bringing a solution to the market. Each Agiletics software module addresses a particular function such as DDA liquidity management, sweep processing, securities processing, escrow processing, etc. Plug-in solutions are available with each module. Within each module, all functionality is parameter-controlled through multiple user-managed menus (lists of features that control common functions). Examples include product feature menus, rate pricing, fee menus, advertising messages, new account defaults, etc. Agiletics provides “plug-in’ interfaces with a bank’s core software application systems. Because specialty servicing requirements often change, so do software functions. Agiletics modular-designed systems reflect functionality required by the leading banks throughout the U.S. Change is anticipated, not a surprise to Agiletics. Change with no adverse impact on your core banking systems is accommodated.
  • Efficiency Summary – Automated account balance position management across DDA, credit lines and investments; automated new account setups; fully automated error corrections; automated investment sweep decisions; electronically delivered statements and customer notices; automated fee calculations; automated analysis, DDA, tax reporting, and general ledger interfaces; automated collateral assignment, unassignment, and pricing; parameter-defined product definitions; plug-in compatibility with core systems; automated product pricing management; customer-self-servicing escrow processing and more maximizes employee efficiency and quality control.

Maximizing Employee Contributions and Potential

Your most valuable assets are your highly trained employees. Agiletics systems act as a true catalyst on skilled employee productivity – particularly in the area of product and services development. Product Specialists may quickly and easily develop products themselves to facilitate banking strategies and customer requirements in contrast to working through dozens of intermediaries in application software support and different departments. Product Managers may use their time to innovate successful solutions instead of working through bureaucratic mazes.

Strategic Planning

Agiletics systems rapidly support the execution of strategic plans by quickly supporting new products and services that may be inter-related to reinforce solutions.

Examples: Let’s assume that a major strategy is to increase corporate lending. But, there are insufficient deposits to support lending goals. Furthermore, you want to increase lending to your existing customer base as well as find new markets. Solutions for increasing deposits include offering new and expanded Escrow Services to diverse markets to minimize deposit fluctuations. However, you don’t want your escrow operational servicing costs to increase. In fact, it would help if they went down. So, you implement Agiletics Escrow System that supports almost unlimited types of escrow servicing. It affords lower servicing costs than your current method. But, you still want to eliminate almost all escrow account operations costs (new account opening, deposit allocations, inquiries, closings) by implementing a customer self-servicing solution. Agiletics Escrow Web Express permits your customers to perform these labor intensive activities. You also decide to increase Demand Deposit liquidity management services by offering innovative superior competitive functionality. Solution – Agiletics M.B.A. Demand Deposit Liquidity Management System. You may decide to increase deposits from municipalities using Agiletics Investments System. Or, you may increase deposits by offering Health Savings Accounts using Agiletics Specialty Banking Software as several banks have. Lastly, Agiletics A.B.S. System can increase lending revenue by integrating automated low-cost line of credit funding to support customer liquidity management needs.

Performance Measurement

Agiletics systems provide measurements by accounts, customers, types of customers, lines of business, products, applications, demographics, officers, departments, profit and cost centers, fees, rates, organizational units such as branches, cities, districts, regions, states, and dozens of other criteria. Parameter-defined management reporting delivers precise information to identify sources related to revenue, volume and expense activities.