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Cash management software for the banking industry

Product Benefits

Boost fee income


Expand markets & services


Improve efficiency

When money center bankers want to boost fee income, expand their markets, and improve efficiency, they turn to Agiletics specialy banking software. Many top 50 U.S. banks have switched to Agiletics software to deliver the best services more efficiently. The results are large increases in fee income from new and existing customers and dramatically lower servicing costs.

Agiletics' mission is to serve specialty areas of banking by providing the most functionally comprehensive, efficient, responsive, accurate and reliable software and services possible at a fair value.

Agiletics products include:

  • CAMS (Cash Management Systems) is a suite of modular banking customer liquidity and investment management applications that function on an integrated basis with one another and other core banking applications.

    CAMS modules consist of:

  • MaxAar System (Plug-in module to Corporate Analysis Systems)

  • Billing System (Departmental invoicing of miscellaneous and recurring fees)