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Agiletics M.B.A. System
Liquidity Management for Demand Deposit Accounting

Product Benefits

Multi-tiered, bi-directional account funding


Links unlimited DDA accounts across multiple business units/banks


Automatic consolidated investing improves efficiency

Agiletics M.B.A. System is a ZBA-replacement, plug-in liquidity management system for use with Demand Deposit Accounting systems. It functions as a front-end module that links bank customers’ unlimited DDA account relationships across multiple business unit hierarchies and banks to generate DDA liquidity management account transactions. M.B.A. generates inter-account DDA transactions prior to DDA posting to insure that all accounts are ideally funded from multiple sources.

M.B.A. replaces traditional ZBA (Zero Balance Accounting) functionality with next-generation inter-account/customer overnight borrowing and lending. It can even compute interest on inter-account DDA funds loaned over night. Priority account funding is available. M.B.A. sweeps to and from DDA concentration accounts and consolidated investments in other software systems. Because it retains the transactions of all originating DDA accounts that comprise a consolidated parent account balance, co-mingled invested funds invested from a parent into investments can be re-allocated upon maturity to each participating DDA account including principal and earned interest.

Automatic consolidated investing eliminates multiple investments and improves operating and accounting efficiency. It also affords better utilization of investments securities by eliminating the requirement to round-up collateral on multiple investments for a customer.

Key features include:

  • Simple Plug-In Added Value – M.B.A. plugs into the front-end of a bank’s DDA System and requires no changes to the bank’s DDA Software programs. It replaces traditional ZBA functions normally provided within DDA software systems with extensive new functionality not possible with traditional ZBA processing.
  • On-Line Relationship Management – Graphical portrayal of multi-account, multi-tiered customer account relationships across banks may be viewed by customer relationship managers. No restrictions in DDA account numbering permits flexible establishment and changes in customer deposit liquidity management relationships.
  • Maximize Your Customers’ Operating Capital Value and Positions – Account balance operating parameters may be established for every account in a customer relationship. Daily, M.B.A. determines the ideal DDA account cash positioning transaction requirements needed to satisfy each account’s balance funding requirements and generates those transactions prior to DDA processing. Multiple balance types, float processing, and sweep management options are available when establishing balance position management controls. Complete bi-directional sweeping and multiple intermediary parents may be supported.
  • Increases Cash Availability – Integrates investments, mutual funds, and credit balances in ZBA availability calculations.