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Agiletics MaxAar System
Plug-in module to Corporate Analysis Systems

Product Benefits

Minimizes revenue leakage from fees charged but uncollected.


Reduces aged receivables and charge-offs


Provide potential savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year

Agiletics MaxAar System is an open-invoicing, direct debiting, and receivables plug-in module to corporate analysis systems. It takes over all open invoicing, receivable processing, payment, direct DDA debiting, and general ledger processing functions. As good accounting controls should do, it separates the computation and reporting of fees from the collection of those fees and thereby assures unsurpassed collections controls.

MaxAar is specifically designed for very large super-regional and money center banks that generate a significant number of analysis invoices. Its users include three of the five largest bank holding companies in the U.S. All banks that use MaxAar normally realize hundreds of thousand of dollars per year of savings and increased revenue.

Key features include:

  • Late fee processing by invoice promotes collections of late fees.
  • Identifies high-risk accounts and can optionally redirect risky accounts automatically from “invoice” to “direct debit” accounts.
  • Supports open invoicing with disputed item processing.
  • Periodic billing periods and discrete explicit billing periods are available.
  • Waived-fee reporting by multiple responsibility centers and officers improves accountability and collections.
  • Automatic reserve-for-losses calculations by aging period improves the accuracy of reported earnings. Prior period adjustments also correct general ledger balances.
  • Appends multiple responsibility centers to account billing information for expanded revenue and expense reporting throughout a bank holding company.
  • Charge-off recovery processing
  • Comprehensive accountability reporting
  • Automated general ledger updating for historical adjustments