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Agiletics Investments System
Automated Short-Term Investing

Product Benefits

Sweeps and processes Money Market Securities


Increases features and operational efficiency


Advanced split-sweeping of surplus investable DDA balances

Agiletics Investments System delivers automated short-term investing of a customer’s available sweep balance into multiple repos, fed funds, money market saving accounts, commercial paper, master notes, eurodollars, mortgage-backed securities, and other types of money market securities.

Additionally, direct on-line investments are supported. Overnight, term and open-ended maturity periods are also supported. Comprehensive securities accounting and automated collateral management deliver efficiency, comprehensive controls and information. “Condition”, “event”, and “balance-determined” sweep services are easily created from product menus. Advanced split-sweeping of surplus investable DDA balances may be directed to multiple securities products in the Agiletics Investments System and into money market mutual funds in the Agiletics Funds Sweep System.

Fed funds servicing supports both the purchase and sale of Fed Funds and will even work on an agency basis to service correspondent banks. Sound rate-sensitive investment products manage multiple levels of balance-determined rates that may be pegged to moving prime rates with adjustment factors. Parameter-controlled reports provide comprehensive control and measurement information by account, customer, products, applications, servicing personnel and delivery centers, and literally dozens of other measurement criteria data.

Key features include:

  • Automated account creation eliminates almost all manual entry to establish new accounts. With as little as the entry of an account and product number, a very comprehensive investment sweep account may be opened. All other processing controls are defaulted or controlled by menu-defined product management controls.
  • Customer related data is automatically shared from a bank’s core accounting applications. This eliminates the need for entry of common data such as account servicing, identification, and addressing information.
  • Automated bi-directional sweeps between DDA and Investments products invest on a same-day basis to the penny.
  • Automated collateral assignment and pricing eliminate manual input. All collateral notices may be generated for multiple parties in both hardcopy, and/or electronically for web, emailing, and faxing to reduce handling costs.
  • Fully automated error corrections can literally eliminate hours of manual adjustments for complex multi-day corrections. Adjustments may be made to historical transactions with no manual computations for single or entire groups of accounts by merely changing the date, balance and/or rate to what it should have been. Completely automated re-accruals over extensive historical periods are supported along with automated general ledger adjustments.
  • Fully automated fee computations and analysis data are interfaced to corporate analysis.
  • Automated tax withholding and earnings information is interfaced with tax reporting systems.
  • Automated General Ledger interfaces eliminate all manual entry.
  • Automated customer statements are electronically delivered to web, email, and faxing systems to create cost savings and efficiency.