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Agiletics Escrow System (A.E.S.)
High-efficiency escrow servicing
& Escrow Web Express

Customer self-servicing module

Product Benefits

Attracts new customers, low-cost deposits, and creates cross-selling opportunities


Unburdens DDA systems by processing all escrow accounts


Slashes operating expenses

Agiletics Escrow System (A.E.S.) provides high-efficiency escrow servicing to increase low-cost deposits. It provides an excellent source for new customers and cross-selling of other banking services. Unlimited business lines and markets may be served with unlimited menu-defined products tailored for precise markets and customer needs. Included among the various types of escrow accounts that may be processed are landlord-tenant, real estate, custody, care facilities, IORETA, IOLTA, funeral services, and unlimited other types. A.E.S. unburdens DDA systems by processing all escrow accounts. The A.E.S. software running on your in-house computer typically supports processing of escrow services at much lower costs than what an escrow service bureau charges.

Key features include:

  • A.E.S. accommodates robust options regarding interest accruals and interest sharing between customer and escrow accounts.
  • Menu-defined products facilitate simple and fast account setup.
  • Unique processing requirements for different states are supported.
  • Comprehensive, parameter-controlled statements are available in multiple forms and media to satisfy the most demanding clients and their escrow accounts.

Escrow Web Express is an optional customer self-servicing module add-on to the Agiletics Escrow System. Escrow Web Express operates as a Web application on a bankís on-line web server. It eliminates most of the operational tasks and costs incurred by a bank to service escrow accounts while providing superior customer service.It permits a bankís customer to perform the following functions using the Internet:

  • Establish a new escrow account.
  • Change an existing escrow account.
  • Allocate a bank deposit to its escrow accounts.
  • Transfer money among escrow accounts.
  • Close escrow accounts.
  • Inquire about current and historical balance and transaction data for escrow accounts.
  • Print transaction data and statements.