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The leading corporate-servicing banks in the U.S. depend on Agiletics Specialty Banking Software solutions to remain competitive.

  • Eight of the ten largest U.S. commercial banks in deposits use Agiletics Specialty Banking Software.
  • Two-thirds of the top twenty-five U.S. commercial banks in deposits use Agiletics Specialty Banking Software.
  • On average, Agiletics' customers own three Agiletics Systems.

How do Agiletics Specialty Banking Systems provide a competitive edge?

Each Agiletics System has a special focus for the tasks that it serves. Each module contains robust parameter-controlled functionality focused on a particular financial services specialty. Each module is plug compatible with other Agiletics modules and core banking systems to support multi-application products.

Superior Functionality
Abundant options result from the continuous implementation of suggestions from most of the top twenty-five banks in the U.S. as well as our many other customers. These leading-edge requirements combined with Agiletics expertise to implement new user-controlled functionality create continually expanding competitive advantages.

Rapid Responsiveness
Products consisting of features collectively comprising a financial service can be defined in minutes through parameter-controlled menus. Meeting new Market, Customer, and Competitive requirements by creating or changing product parameters allows Agiletics bank customers to be “first out of the box.” This Flexibility and Adaptability allow you to stay out in front with the advent of new and changing requirements.

Each Agiletics Specialty Module contains robust menu-controlled features that may be combined with other Agiletics Specialty Modules and a bank’s core systems. Comprehensive multi-application functionality may be combined in limitless ways to create innovative services from many different systems - all directed through user-controlled functions in Agiletics Systems. Agiletics Systems can let your talented personnel excel.

Keep and Strengthen Customer Relationships
Products and services facilitated by Agiletics Systems don’t remain static. They permit new features and services to be added quickly and easily with parameter-controlled options to expand customer services and meet additional market and competitive needs.

Cost Efficiency
Delivery of superior services at lower costs is an essential element of business competition. Agiletics systems improve efficiency in numerous ways to keep you competitive. Product Development and Delivery costs are sharply reduced. Departmental business specialists can both innovate and implement new services without the inefficient traversing of bureaucratic mazes and technology walls. Data processing operational savings result from exceptionally fast and efficient programs. Software maintenance efficiencies are realized by not having to maintain custom specialty functions in core systems. Portability of Agiletics Systems permit them to efficiently and quickly interface with new core systems without negatively impacting the departments served.

Relationship Banking
Competitive advantages may be gained from Agiletics Specialty Banking Software’s ability to link and manage cash management, corporate, and investing services that include services from multiple applications. They include a bank’s core systems such as DDA, Commercial Loans, Asset-Based Lending, Savings, Credit Cards, Brokerage Services, Account Analysis, CIF, Tax Reporting, and Customer Information Delivery Systems. In addition, the specialized services from Agiletics M.B.A. (DDA Liquidity Management) System, Sweep Services from Agiletics Pre-Determination System, Securities Investing and Processing from Agiletics’ Investments and Fund Sweep Systems, Credit Sweeping using Agiletics A.B.S. (Automated Borrowing System) and Billing systems may all be used to create powerful multi-service products that may be easily managed through menu-controlled functions initiated by departmental users.

Revenue Management
Competitive products should be profitable products. Agiletics’ products provide balance-determined interest earnings rate computations to maximize revenue potential. Balance-determined sweeps direct investments into the most cost-effective securities instruments. Comprehensive fee-income and target management controls insure that appropriate revenue objectives are met. Efficient automated collateral securities management maximizes the utilization of securities. Minimum and maximum controls impacting revenue options insure that bank standards are maintained. Consolidated customer investing options insure more efficient investments for both your bank and customers. Margin controls and reporting facilitate the management of revenue goals and competitive products.

Risk Management
Agiletics software shares the same reliability that mainframe core processing computers provide. Reliability of new product development and delivery is assured by Agiletics widely used and proven parameter-controlled systems.