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Agiletics CAMS (Cash Management Systems)
Modular banking customer liquidity and investment management systems

Product Benefits

Increases customers, services, revenue and productivity


Respond rapidly to frequently changing market requirements


Support multi-application, multi-account cash management relationship services

Agiletics CAMS (Cash Management Systems) are modular banking customer liquidity and investment management applications software systems that function on an integrated basis with one another and other core banking applications.

CAMS software modules consist of:



Two-thirds of the top twenty-five banks in the U.S. use Agiletics’ CAMS specialty banking software systems to serve their customers’ operating capital, liquidity management, investing, and depository services cash management needs. CAMS puts power and control into the hands of treasury servicing professionals and related department specialists to achieve the most demanding banking and customer objectives. Agiletics CAMS modules are designed for banks to provide liquidity (cash) management services to their customers in a totally integrated and fluid manner that transcends multiple software accounting applications . The purpose is to allow a customer to maintain specified account positions by automatically moving money among various accounts where it will do the most good. Thus, a customer may integrate the movement of money across multiple accounts that reside as checking accounts (DDA), investments, and loans in order to facilitate activities that will maximize the value of their operating capital.

CAMS is designed to automatically manage a customer’s money among various accounts using menu-controlled money management parameters to optimize value. The applications where a customer’s accounts may reside or be managed may include both Agiletics modules (Investments, Fund Sweep, A.B.S., M.B.A) and core banking applications such as DDA and lending systems. DDA liquidity management; overnight and longer term investments, and loans to fund DDA liquidity requirements may all work together to provide robust liquidity management services. CAMS significantly improves the efficiency of these cash management operations. Relationship cash management products that banks may create using Agiletics’ CAMS provide the opportunity to attract and retain customers with superior competitive services.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Agiletics’ systems keep you in front of the competition and in control. CAMS modules respond rapidly to frequently changing market requirements. By focusing like services in specialty modules, features may be readily added to new releases of the modules and incorporated as menu parameters for new product innovation without adversely impacting other systems. This concept enables products to reflect exceptionally robust and competitive features desired by customers of the largest and leading U.S. banks. The ability to deliver fast liquidity management and investing solutions results from parameter-driven products that permit new services to be defined in minutes. Agiletics’ CAMS modules bring a high degree of functional standardization among similar functions and processes across all modules to promote operational efficiency.

Interoperability With Core Applications

CAMS adds value to your core depository and loan accounting software systems by incorporating them into a network of treasury management servicing components. Agiletics CAMS include “System Integrator Plug-In Interfaces”.   To facilitate multi-services cash management products that support multi-application, multi-account cash management services, CAMS modules are delivered with plug-in interfaces for core banking applications. These powerful products are all easily managed with CAMS menu-controlled specialty applications that perform the following functions: manage banking customers’ DDA balances by generating transactions to move money among unlimited DDA accounts; invest and process surplus deposits in short-term securities, generate credit funding as needed, and service escrow deposits.

CAMS modules perform automated liquidity management (sweeping), investment processing, and borrowing of money among various types of accounts within and across multiple accounting applications to maintain desired account positions and to maximize the value and utility of a customer’s operating capital. Even escrow services can be accommodated with one of the CAMS modules. CAMS modules can function independently or as integrated solutions with other CAMS modules and customer accounting application software within a bank. CAMS modules facilitate dynamic specialty cash management services normally rendered by cash management (treasury services) and investments specialists to corporate, municipal, institutional, correspondent, and specialty retail types of accounts.

End Customer Benefits

CAMS attracts new customer acquisition and improves customer retention by providing inter-related services across business lines. Composite application treasury servicing can benefit multiple bank departments and their customers. Agiletics’ treasury servicing modules can connect a customer to corporate lending (lines of credit and asset based lending), credit card lines, brokerage lines of credit, overnight investments, term and open investments (repos, offshores, notes, commercial paper, money market savings, fed funds), money market mutual funds, DDA deposit services, liquidity management services, escrow services and more. Diverse lines of businesses and revenue sources include municipalities, manufacturing, distribution, service industries, food, health care, professional, correspondent banking, and even consumers such as combo dda/investments/credit accounts, and health savings accounts. departments within a bank that use Agiletics’ CAMS systems include corporate banking and commercial lending, treasury services, consumer retail services, investments, fed funds desk, correspondent banking, deposit services, and more. Menu-controlled functionality puts treasury and bank departmental specialist in control. CAMS modules facilitate rapid changes dictated by dynamic markets, competition, and regulations while unburdening core applications with specialty functions not directly related to their primary purpose. CAMS modules may be licensed separately or as groups of modules that can function as highly integrated solutions.